Eyelash extensions and barefoot summer walks

Hi! I'm Alix! I'm so glad you found me. 

A bit about me:

I've had my own headshot photography business since I was 17. You can find all of my non-wedding work showcased on my other website:

I started doing weddings in 2017 and I fell in love. I love love and I love capturing the moments that you will look back on with tears in your eyes. (Happy tears weddings = best weddings.) I love the extravagant and the simple, from eyelash extensions (guilty of indulging in extensions every once and a while!) to barefoot walks during the engagement shoot. 

More things I love:

Using the word love // traveling the world & US // eating at least three hard boiled eggs a day // all dogs but especially big dogs (I have two golden retrievers) // singing with my little sisters // singing really loudly alone in my apartment // exploring // learning other languages and about other cultures // long phone calls with long-distance best friends // pho in any incarnation // podcasts that make me laugh out loud and podcasts that make me think // surprise visits home // knitting hats while watching Netflix comedy specials // baking and decorating cupcakes // dancing like a fool 


Why A Perfect Match Photography?

I get asked often by brides why they should choose me over a larger wedding photography venture. The answer is because I am not a larger photography venture. Because I am a one-woman company I do all the work! I am there with the couple through the planning stages (and they know they can text me any time, day or night, when they’re worrying about something so I can reassure them). I do all my own photo selection and editing (which means I don’t upcharge the couple, making them pay for an outsourced editor and also means that I know all the important photos to include because, well, I was there!). With big photo companies they book multiple weddings on the same day, sending out less experienced photographers to 2 of those 3 weddings and overwhelm themselves with editing to the point that they’ll have you pay an arm and a leg to get the photos edited within 6 months. I have a strict policy of only booking one wedding per weekend. I will be there to shoot your day (you won’t have to meet a new photographer the morning of your wedding) and I edit and select all the photos myself which means that when I say you’ll get the photos back in 6 weeks, it’s a guarantee. Now, being a one-woman operation doesn’t mean I don’t have amazing second shooters all over the country who will help me in shooting your wedding if you choose my “second shooter” package. I also have trusted NYC and New England wedding photographer friends who can step in for me if something were to happen and I couldn’t photograph your wedding. But, truly, unless I’ve died or broken both my arms I will be there to shoot your wedding! In the case that I am not feeling 100% myself for any reason I will bring on an additional shooter free of charge to make sure that I ensure the quality I promise to all my couples.

So… why APMP? Because APMP is me. When you email or text for a consultation, you’re talking with me. When we sit down and meet for the first time, you are meeting the person who will be there through all the timeline planning, engagement shoot and wedding day. And when you get back your gorgeous photos 6 weeks after the big day, they’ve been meticulously and lovingly selected and edited by me with the full intention of making you cry at how beautiful and wonderful your wedding was.


Wedding packages start at $4,200. You can download my pricing portfolio here for more specific rates and coverage. I am currently living in New York but love to travel (my dream is to just travel for the rest of my life) so no wedding location is out of the question! If you're ready to book or have more questions, head on over to my contact page